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We offer a wide range of services to suit the individual need of your vehicle.  We also aim to make getting your vehicle serviced as hassle free as possible.  With this in mind, we would like to let you know of the ways in which we wish to achieve this.  

1. If it is more convenient for you, we can pick up and drop your car back to you or even give you a lift into work, home or town. Just tell us which you’d prefer and we’ll sort it out.

2. We can now offer you a 34 point check of the basics, free of charge & with no obligation.

3. If you have a concern about your vehicle, which you feel would be easier to show us, you can ask for one of our technicians to test drive your vehicle with you.  It is sometimes simpler to point out a “knocking” or “squeaking”, than to explain it.

4. We will fit any wiper blades and exterior bulbs bought from us free of charge. We will replace all exterior bulbs, including sidelights, headlights, brakelights, foglights and reverse and indicator bulbs. If you need interior, Xenon or LED lights replacing, just ask and we’ll provide a competitive quote for fitting those, too.

5. We will always offer you the right service at the right time, and offer a 2-year parts and labour warranty.

6. Last, but by no means least, We will beat any like-for-like written quote for service, maintenance and repair using Genuine Parts for your vehicle.


Time and Distance Service

We recommend this service if you drive approximately 10,000 miles in a year, and if you generally use your car for any of the following:

· Mainly urban driving, short journeys with frequent cold starts.

· High engine loading activities, e.g. frequent hill climbs, driving with your vehicle fully loaded and towing.

· Uneconomical driving using high rpms with heavy acceleration and heavy braking.

LongLife Service

We recommend this service if you are likely to do higher than average mileage (15 – 18,000 miles per year), or if you generally use your car for any of the following.

· Regular long distance driving

· Driving at a constant speed with minimum vehicle and engine loading, and minimal towing (for instance motorway driving)

· Economical driving

This LongLife service makes it possible to enjoy reliable and confident motoring for up to a maximum of 18,000 miles or 24 months (whichever occurs first).

Service Prices start from:

10 K Service ( Lube ) – Oil + Filter + Safety Check ——————————————————– from1 £89.00*

20 K Service – Oil + Filter + Inspection & Full Brake Service —————————————— from1 £129.00*

Full  Service Diesel – Oil + Filter + Air Filter + Fuel Filter + Safety Check ————————— from1 £149.00*

Full Service  Petrol – Oil + Filter + Air Filter + Plugs-NOT Platinum ———————————- from1 £149.00*

LONG LIFE SERVICES ADD EXTRA      £20.00* To cost of service.

Please call us for a quote on service pricing on 01744 613336 if your vehicle is not listed.

*All Prices exclude VAT* 

**Service prices may vary according to engine size**

***Free car wash with every full service***

We can also offer a service with none genuine parts if you prefer, to cut costs further.  Please ask for a quotation.


We offer a wide range of services to suit the individual need of your vehicle.


We have the latest technology at our fingertips when it comes to diagnostic equipment.


We have a fully equipped MOT test lane.


We stock a large number of GENUINE parts in-house, and we are more than happy to source non-genuine (after market) parts at the request of our customers.

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 5:30
  • Saturday: 9:00 - 1:00
  • Sunday: CLOSED